Model Exclusive - Kalissa Bearden

Over the past two years, I've had the privilege of working with a very talented young model and recently was able to sit down and interview her. What an amazing spirit!

Kalissa Bearden

Hi Kalissa. Please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Kalissa Bearden and I'm 16 years old. I've been modeling since 2014. I'm currently a Junior and it's definitely exciting. I am a self taught artist and I enjoy traveling, which I fortunately get to do often while modeling.

Is there anything you love to do besides modeling?
I have a passion for watercolor to just simple sketches, there's usually always a pencil in my hand. I have 5 dogs that I love to play with and dress up even though, I believe they would disagree.  I also enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, playing tennis, shopping, and volunteer work.

What have you drawn lately? Any new art projects?
Recently most of my works have involved fish, I think this is because I'm always thinking of far away places, and fish are just a way to feel closer to a dream to me. I have been working on many different concepts to strengthen my portfolio, but mainly challenge my abilities. I have also been working on many smaller works for my teachers, some wanting door decorations others wanting silly drawings like a caricature.

We need to include some of your artwork in a future shoot sometime! What do you think?
I absolutely love that idea, Would my art tie into a concept of the shoot or would it be just a small bonus?  I think we could figure a way to tie it into the concept and even possibly exhibit it into the photos post edit. That would be awesome!

Earlier this summer, we reserved a full day of shooting with all sorts of themes, outfits, makeup and accessoriesDescribe your experience this day.
My experience with the shoot I have to say was really fun, it was hours of watching Jamie pile on hair and makeup and them dressing crazy cool and posing. It was definitely entertaining and Eddie and I kept the party going with music to listen and dance to. I was also very honored to be able to wear Loren's dresses they are all so stunning, and I'm always thrilled to be part of her modeling team.

As a model, who or what inspires you to do what you love?
As a model I'm inspired by so many people, I would say my photographers inspire me along with other more famous models, and teen vogue magazines

What are you dreams/goals for the future?
In my modeling career my future goal is to be on billboards and in vogue.

Any new events or projects coming up in the near future?
Yes, I have another bake sale coming up to help support Fayette county animal rescue, a trip to Texas for a runway show, and many more art projects. 😊

A bake sale for a great cause. I love that you give back to the community. Tell us more about the bake sale and your organization.
The upcoming bake sale is being held by the Divas for a Cure and Bros for a Cause youth charity group that was founded by me and 3 of my best friends in elementary school. We raise money for local Charities in our community. This months sale is being held for Fayette County Animal Rescue. It's our counties only no-kill shelter and they always need extra funding because they take in new rescues frequently.